TEFAP – The Emergency Food Assistance Program


What is TEFAP?


TEFAP stands for The Emergency Food Assistance Program.  The program was made to help supply food for low income Americans.  The program helps out by providing emergency food to needy families at no cost.

TEFAP Food is distributed quarterly in the months of…

  • December
  • March
  • June
  • September


Who can get TEFAP Commodities?

Anyone that meets the state approved guidelines, whether you are a family of one or 20.  No one should have to choose between heating their house and feeding their family. 

The applications are quick and simple, so you don’t have to set aside half of your day to have food for your table that night.

What foods are available through TEFAP?

The types of commodity foods USDA purchases for TEFAP distribution vary depending on the  preferences of States and agricultural market   conditions. Nearly 90 products were made    available including:

  • canned & dried fruits      
  • canned vegetables
  • fruit juice       
  • dried egg mix
  • meat/poultry/fish  
  • dried beans
  • pasta products 
  • milk
  • rice/cereal    
  • soups

There are several locations through out the Tri-County area that distribute TEFAP commodities.

  • CLMCAA building, St Ignace
  • Clark Township Community Center, Cedarville
  • Drummond Island Township Hall,
  • Drummond Island
  • Newberry Community Building , Newberry
  • Pickford Township Hall, Pickford
  • Raber Township Hall, Goetzville
  • Rudyard Community Center, Rudyard
  • 300 Water Street, Sault Ste Marie
  • Sugar Island Community Center, Sault Ste Marie
  • Whitefish Township Hall, Paradise