Home Buyer Purchase Rehabilitation

This program is designed to provide low- and moderate- income families with support to become homeowners.  The program will pay up to $5000 per family in closing costs, down payment, and/or interest buy downs and limited funds for required repairs established by an HQS inspection.  Available only in Sault Ste. Marie specified neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Preservation

This program will strengthen a specific neighborhood by providing low- and moderate- income homeowners with zero interest loans secured by non-diminishing mortgage loans.  The homeowner is expected to provide 25% matching funds.

Property Management / Rentals

CLMCAA owns and operates rental properties located in our tri-county area: Avery Square Senior Housing, St. Ignace Senior Housing, and West Bridge Supportive Housing.

CDBG Home Rehabilitation Program

Works in cooperation with Chippewa, Luce, an Mackinac Counties to provide necessary home improvements. Zero interest loans secured by non-diminishing liens are provided to homeowners.  Homeowners are encouraged to provide some leverage funds to complete the rehabilitation activities. These sources can be from the following organizations: Financial Institutions, Sault Tribe, DHS, Veterans Organizations, Rural Development, and CAA.

Home Weatherization Program

Designed to help area residents by providing insulation, weather stripping, and other energy-saving measures.  This program is available for owner occupied homes, mobile homes, and qualified rentals.