CDBG Program

Protecting one’s housing investment is very important. The condition of a house’s exterior, roof, windows, doors, insulation, heating, plumbing, electrical, and foundation determine its real value and its life expectancy. A well maintained house extends its economic life and it remains a viable shelter for its occupants. Sometimes maintenance is deferred due to the homeowner’s financial situation. For low-moderate income homeowners, it is difficult to find the extra money to replace these major systems. Community Development Block Grant funds (CDBG) are set aside to assist homeowners with some unexpected repairs, to make their home more energy efficient or to help improve the neighborhood through exterior improvements.

These CDBG funds are secured by placing a non-diminishing lien on the homeowner’s property.  The lien is a zero interest loan that must be repaid when the homeowner no longer lives in the home.  Liens can be assumed by income-eligible heirs who will occupy the residence as their year-round residence with approval by the Grantee and the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA).

Anyone interested in any Homeowner Rehabilitation Assistance Program must contact CLM Community Action Agency at 906-632-3363 to make an appointment:

In addition, as a part of the application process, homeowners must also bring the following documents to their appointment:

Proof of income – current pay stubs; Self-employed persons must furnish Income Tax information for the last  two years; Social Security recipients – current monthly amounts.

• Proof of ownership – deed, purchase agreement, etc.

• Property tax receipts for the last two years.

• Proof of homeowners insurance.

• List of repairs to be completed.

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