Our Agency delivers over 90,000 meals to homebound senior citizens each year! To qualify, you must be 60 years or older and homebound. To apply, please call our Agency at 906-632-3363 and ask for Meals on Wheels.

Congregate Meals

  • What Is “The Congregate Meal Program”?
    • A nutrition meal program designed for the 60+ population, where people are brought together to eat lunch and socialize in a group setting! Recommended donation amount of $3.00 per meal.
  • Do I Qualify?
    • If you are age 60 or over, you qualify.
  • I’m On A Special Diet, What Do I Do?
    • All Meals Meet Or Exceed One-third Of The Usda Recommended Daily Allowance Of Vitamins And Minerals Needed In The Older Individual’s Diet. A Nutrition Specialist Monitors The Sodium, Vitamin And Cholesterol Content Of The Meals. Meals Are Easily Adjusted To The Requirements Of Diabetic Diets.

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Home Delivered

  • What Is “Home Delivered Meals Program”?
    • The home delivered meals program is designed to assist homebound seniors with their dietary needs.
      Each and every meal is a blend of good taste and balanced nutrition and is delivered to the homes of seniors who are not able to attend Congregate Meal Sites. The Home Delivered Meal Program provides meals for seven days a week.
  • Do I Qualify?
    • There are basic requirements for Home Delivered Meals. They are….
      • You or your spouse are 60 years of age or older.
      • You are homebound & cannot leave home alone.
      • You are unable to prepare meals. There is no other access to a nutritionally balanced diet.
  • How Will I Receive My Meals?
    • Efficient and caring drivers deliver meals to the homes of eligible participants.
  • How Do I Start Getting Home Delivered Meals?
    • Recommended Donation $3.00 Per Meal.